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Yellowstone & Grand Teton National Parks

 This 32 page Educational Activity Coloring Book is available in bookstores and gift shops throughout the Yellowstone region.

It is also being distributed by Four Winds Trading Company,

 Ginsberg Publications and Amazon.com.

Previously published titles include...

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The entire African American Heritage Project is now available from Follett, Baker & Taylor,  from Ginsberg Publications and from Amazon.com.

​- The school/library full-color hard-cover edition

                         - The B&W coloring book edition
                         - A teacher’s classroom activity handbook



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Ginsberg Publications offers interesting, , educational, humorous

and thought provoking  books for children and interested adults.

A few pages from the School/Library Edition

Images from the B/W Coloring Book Edition

The African American Heritage Project

is an educational journey that traces the footsteps of enslaved Africans

from the inception of the Atlantic Slave Trade to modern day America.

Their story is told through both text and detailed illustrations in an

informative and entertaining design concept and is available in both a full-color,

hard-case school/library edition and a b/w coloring book edition.